Thursday, October 14, 2010

Honesty, our best policy.

Okay, since we're all just getting to know each other over here, I thought I should get something out in the open.

I watch Real Housewives. All of them.

I know how trashy it is, I know how fake it is, and I know how incredibly angry I get over the success of these hoards of terrible, rotten-on-their-insides people, but I won't - nay - can't stop watching them.

In light of this, and my love for drinking a classy lady wine every now and always - I am SUPER excited that our favorite pop-eyed NY Housewife is launching a CLASSY brand of Pinot!

I'm pre-ordering a case of this 14.99 white wine, which I can assume, is always handed to you thusly:


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