Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Miners are Free!


Now that we're done with the small stuff -

Greetings Future Needers of our Self-Help Empire!

Looking to escape your not great job? Desperate for some sass in all the right and wrong places? Trying to be our friend, but unsure how, so you'll read our blog and pretend like we are friends in real life?

Awesome, we love you too (and need an outlet for the copious amounts of sass we produce).

Bailey and Liisa have been perusing the internet like it's their job for quite a while (and at times, it is their job, Boom!) so they/we (can't decide on our tense so we choose option D- ALL OF THE ABOVE) wanted to create our own space for sharing, caring, and, most importantly, kvetching. A place to accumulate the happy and retreat to during the dark times.

On that note - here is an adorable little ginger kid talking about how much he loves space - HE LOVES IT!!

Kisses forever-

Bailey and Liisa

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